Quito Spanish invites you to study Spanish in an immersive environment in one of South America's most beautiful colonial capitals.
We offer a variety of courses for students with a variety of needs:
Our Spanish courses have been designed and tested for the best results in the least amount of time.

From the very first lesson the students hear, speak, read and write only in Spanish. In this way, they acquire easy and natural command of the language. All our courses can begin on any Monday of the year (except holidays).

As various students have various needs, we have established a curriculum for all levels of Spanish ability with the flexibility to create their own schedule. From our placement tests to customized classes you can be sure of a quality curriculum and an excellent learning environment. We can build your knowledge of Spanish and provide an appropriate challenge in one of the following levels:

1st - Beginner
2nd - Intermediate
3rd - High Intermediate
4th - Advanced
5th - Proficiency

All Quito Si Spanish courses follow a curriculum custom designed to fit the students' needs, so we can truly say that every course is student tailored. Each student's syllabus depends on the time requested for class instruction and visiting the city and its surroundings. The main features in our programs include:

  1. Structure of the language and practical vocabulary.
  2. Real everyday situations presented in video and cassette recordings, debates and interviews with artists and well-known figures.
  3. Ecuadorian Culture focused on literature and arts, socio-economic factors, history and geography of the country and the Andean region.

Quito Spanish Blog

Tips to Pass Your Next Language Test


Language assessment is an essential examination to take. The best gre prep book is commonly used by universities to assess students on their capability on language, people who are looking for employment in a foreign land where the requirement is the proficiency of the native tongue, and those who are applying for citizenship and immigration.

Language assessment doesn’t only constitute speaking, but it also involves writing, reading, and listening. Due to that, candidates need to allocate enough time for preparation. For aspiring college students, this means their university entrance exam preparation is well-built on solid grounds.

That said, here are some tips you can follow to pass a language test:

Try Unusual Techniques in Learning the Language

If you have a hard time mastering the language in conventional methods like reading books and memorizing, it’s time to try some irregular techniques. Travel and immerse yourself in places where your target language is the native tongue.

For example, if you want to be proficient in French, a quick trip to Paris will do. Communicate with locals. If you don’t have time to travel to other places, you can look for a practice partner through the internet.

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan ahead of your time. Set aside time for each of the components like speaking, reading, writing, and listening to the language test.

Set Goals

Set objectives and goals on what you want to achieve as you prepare for your language test. Set daily objectives. Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Collaborate with Others

Cooperating with other people can definitely help you. After all, gaining an understanding of a foreign language is the best discipline to learn in pairs or groups. Do weekly study sessions with a colleague who happens to be adept in your weakest area and do the same to your study buddy if you are excelling in an area in which your partner is underperforming.

Another way to gain an understanding of the language is to teach it with someone else. It may also help to study in groups when doing preparations for an examination.  Just remember to devise a small agenda to the group prior to the meeting.

Make Your Learning Sessions a Fun Experience

While you are preparing for the exam, why not inject a bit of fun by combining it with your hobbies. For example, if you are an avid fan of movies, why not try to watch your favorite film with the audio/subtitle of the foreign language you are currently studying. Apart from films, you can utilize music playlist in a foreign language on audio streaming platforms or other tools like translation tools and language apps and games. You can also read some printed and online media in your target language to expose yourself more on the vocabulary.

Timed Practice

An outstanding way to prepare for an examination is to do a timed practice. Exercise a few test simulations that will help raise your confidence. Aside from lifting your confidence, these will help you get acquainted with the exam and make yourself ready to supervise your time and assign time for each part of the exam.

6 of the Best Hosting Services in Spain


The existence of technology has greatly impacted the business industry in terms of workload and marketing. Given that Spain is also experiencing a rise in trading and tourism, companies like https://certahosting.co.uk/ are taking advantage of websites to expand their business, not only limited to locals, but also to foreigners.

Having your own domain name and exclusively post your own contents can be beneficial in the business world as you can post as many articles and information as you can, which in that case, can truly attract customers – especially when you are stating facts alone.

In considering running your own website, make sure to choose the best web hosting service to avoid any form of disagreement with your dealer. Not only that; enlisting yourself under a web host with dubious and poor offers can impede your website due to possible causes like slow page load time, etc.

Make sure to grab the best web hosting service suitable for your needs. Here are some of the web hosts in Spain you might want to check:

Don Dominio

In 2007, the web hosting service Don Dominio started serving Spain. This site also has offers like having your own domain name, web development, and so much more. In addition, they also let you create your own e-mail account under your own domain.

The mere fact that they mostly support the majority of web applications is quite advantageous since you get to have more options on what you are comfortable using.


Nominalia, a web host based from Barcelona, Spain, offers features like creating your own domain, website creation, and several more. They are tied with large companies such as Google, Dell, and Cisco.

Customer service is one of their top priorities, as they want to ensure that their customers have received the best service. With that, they have a hotline that is open 24/7 for the customers’ convenience.


Started in 1997, Acens has provided their customers with excellent web hosting services and efficient telecommunications. As a successful web host, they were able to offer their services to four different countries: Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Spain.


Dinahosting were able to provide top-quality hosting services to more than 140k users in Spain since 2001. Their main goal is to be able to provide their customers with high-quality servers; hence, having efficient CPD with superb network infrastructure.


They began their operation in the year 2003 with the hopes of being able to provide excellent service to their customers. Initially, they have two service centers: one in the US and the other in Spain. However, they decided to entirely focus in Madrid, making it as their international data center.


In the early 2000s, particularly 2002, Cdmon was created and has since provided the best hosting services to their users. They have two different branches in Malgrat Del Mar and Barcelona, alongside 70 employees that work for the company in order to ensure their efficiency.

In conclusion, choosing the right web hosting service provider is the most effective way to achieve a successful website for your business or personal use. Without it, your layouts, website contents, and etc. are deemed useless.

Waste Management Terms You Should Know


Waste management involves a few crucial steps: the reduction of waste, recycling of waste, treatment of waste, and disposal of waste. There are a number of common terms that form the language used in the waste management industry.

Treatment of waste.

Waste can be treated using different ways. The treatment depends on the chemical’s nature and the physical state of the hazardous waste. Dumpster rental Salisbury MD usually treat waste using three methods:

  • Physical Treatment

Physical treatment involves mechanical segregation and separation for proper disposal of waste. In the case of liquid waste, treatment will commonly include phase separation.

  • Chemical treatment

Waste is typically treated with different chemicals to remove toxicity and neutralize them.

  • Biological treatment

This involves the use of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria to break down organic substances which are generally found in waste. This may involve conditioning, digestion, and composition.

  • Composting

This is a biochemical process whereby natural materials are mainly decomposed to become humus. It mainly involves partial decomposition of some solid waste by the use of aerobic conditions. The organic materials in the waste are usually transformed into useful manures. During this process of composition, some organic waste such as paper saw, dust and food products are deposited in the trench. When the trench gets to be filled, the waste products are dampened and later covered with soil.

Reduction of waste

The aim is to reduce the quantity of waste. This is usually achieved with the following steps:

  • Source reduction

This involves reducing the amount of hazardous waste produced to the minimum

  • Concentration

Waste generated in different processes is concentrated by the use of modem methods such as decantation techniques and precipitation.

  • Segregation

The waste materials are separated based on chemical composition, physical nature, and hazard potential.

Recycling Waste

Sometimes the waste may have some useful substances. Through recycling, the waste can be reused. Recycling has two faces:

  • Reuse

This is a situation where certain waste can be used again without much reprocessing.

  • Recycling

Recycling is much different from reuse because the waste must be well treated and reprocessed.


Disposal of waste

This forms the last step in waste management. It mainly involves the collection of waste, temporary storage of waste, and transport of waste. Waste may be disposed of by the use of some methods such as:

  • Drainage

This forms one of the standard practices where the waste is drained to the water bodies such as oceans, ponds, rivers, and lakes. Though this process is economical, it ends up polluting the water, thus making it unfit for consumption. This process is avoided in many countries.

  • Incineration

Spaces of sanitary landfills are decreasing each day. Thus, burning is becoming one of the standard methods of disposing of wastes. Here, hazardous waste is destroyed by the use of high-temperature burning.


These are just some of the commonly used terms in the waste management industry. If you intend to take part in improving the waste management processes in your community or intend to establish a career in this industry, you need to know no just the terms but also the whole scope of this huge sector.

Ways to Market Your Business Internationally

Market Business Internationally

Expanding your business and marketing efforts to a global audience is no doubt an excellent means to grow your business and reach customers who may not have even heard of your brand or offers. The problem is, reaching a global audience isn’t easy.

Before you even start your global SEO marketing strategy, you should first consider a few tips on how you can successfully market your business internationally.

Come Up with a Solid Business Plan

First and foremost, you have to come up with a solid business plan. Each market comes with its own nuances mainly because of cultural, economic, market, and governmental conditions. Thus, it is important to create a localized strategy and business plan which will help you achieve local success without straying from your business’ objectives.

To come up with a solid business plan, you have to define both short, medium, and long-term business strategies. Start by setting reasonable goals so you can easily measure your progress. Also, define your business’ objectives and success metrics. After that, complete your business model and structure, decide whether you want to create a separate company or a branch, and come up with a tactical project plan along with commit dates.

Familiarize Yourself with the Local Laws

PracticeBloom is a med spa marketing agency, when they market their business internationally, they attempt to fully understand the regional regulations for the target location in terms of products and advertising.

Some countries around the world might require your products/services to undergo approval by governing bodies before you can even advertise them. For example, in most countries, you should have your medical spa marketing advertisements approved by the local health ministries first before you can start showing them to the public.

Also, various areas around the world are quite particular when it comes to comparative advertising. In America, for example, using words like “best” and “better” for promoting products might not be an issue. However, countries like France and Germany have very strict principles when it comes to the use of such words and phrases.

If you offer your products internationally, they’ll be subject to various product development laws which regulate the safety, chemical composition, packaging, materials, sizes, and even languages of any product. By familiarizing yourself with such laws, you’ll have a high chance of getting your product and advertisements approved by your local target.

Aim to Customize Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts for Local Usage

Global search engine marketing is about localizing your content, picking the right search engines, and using the right keywords.

Start by learning which search engines are commonly used by the specific market you’re targeting. Although you can reach most English-speaking customers via Google and Yahoo, there might be some huge variations regarding search engine preference in the global market. Therefore, local markets are often best served using local search engines as the English-focused search engines might not be enough for niche, local content.

Also, simply translating your website into your target language isn’t enough. As much as possible, localize your products as well as services for every market you serve. However, this can be quite costly, so you have to weigh your options properly.

In the end, your goal is to reach a global audience by way of proper marketing. Hopefully, these tips can help you market your business with a greater chance of succeeding abroad.

A Fun Way to Learn a New Language

Learn with Music

Did you know that babies start hearing in their second trimester in your womb and that they begin to hear a variety of sounds before they are born? Studies also show that babies recognize words while still in the womb. Researchers proved that mellow songs and sounds can create a soothing and calming effect that greatly influences the feeling of the baby.

As babies start learning in the womb, they begin to understand languages and words. Their mother's tone and inflection, background noise, and through music, the child begins the development of his or her language.

Classical Music

As we learn new languages, we can start applying some fun ways of learning them. One of which is through music. Music started during the prehistoric times when naturally occurring sounds and rhythms are used and some are based on certain cultures. Music, thus, began to evolve up until the classical music era. New melodies were created and started to use instrumental music. There are different forms of these such as the sonata, the symphony, and the concerto.

Fun Way of Learning

Learning a new language is a wonderful experience. By doing so, it allows us to effectively communicate with other people from other countries. A person can be enlightened in several ways like reading, watching, listening, and writing. Different languages such as Italian, French, German, and Russian usually appear in classical music or text. Sometimes, it can be Polish or Hungarian. Classical music is also known for using instrumentals and  vocals.

Finding the best headphones

Since listening to songs can help in learning a new language, it is best to listen to them as closely as you can. Thus, headphones are widely used by new learners. There are some preferences for headphones that need to be considered to allow users to get the most desirable experience:

1. Quality

It is important to get headphones with quality. This means headphones with the correct range, balanced sound, durability, and are just right for its price. Having a certain degree or standard is a crucial part of choosing the device for learning. Hearing the words perfectly will allow your to correctly enunciate the words, increasing your confidence in using them as well.

2. Frequency

Classical music often has a dynamic range and change be heard clearly on headphones such as these. When selecting the appropriate piece, it is suggested to have something that can obtain mid to high range from 40 to 12,000 Hz. The extent of the sound it can create is something that is worth your while. It adds to the power of the tone. It will definitely make a big difference.

3. Design

Consider the cup design if it is open or semi-open so that you can identify the wave of sound it can create. Space produces a tone distinction and is very helpful in identifying the enunciated words if you are familiarizing yourself with different words and context.

Learning languages by listening to music is a fun way. You can relax while studying. It can also simplify the way you understand the meaning of the songs. Beyond that, you will also appreciate what art can offer as it will also positively influence your well-being. Classical music has an extensive influence over the years. It is showing in every genre and different languages that come along with it.

Perks of Having your Own Plastic Printers in Your Language School

Plastic Printers

Plastic printers have been one of the most innovative tools in the world of printing. Aside from 3D printers, plastic printers are now widely used in different fields. May it be education, manufacturing or health, companies have been buying their own plastic printers to save on production costs.

Many language schools have been buying their own plastic printers because of the numerous things that it can do. These printers can print gift vouchers in a way to attract students from different places. It can also print IDs and other paraphernalia to help them promote their school.

Some companies and even schools have been using these printers to customize several products. Aside from IDs and gift vouchers, they have also been using these printers on plastic labels on water bottles, plastic bags, and tumblers, among others. 

In the past, it is usually the manufacturing sectors who have been using plastic printers to label their products. They use these labels on water bottles, condiment bottles, and other products which are labelled with the manufacturing date and expiry date.

That time, there were only a few plastic printers. Most language schools would hire printing companies for their printing needs, some tend to use cardlogic.ie. They would have to wait for delivery of their orders because of the scarcity of printing companies that offer this service. Furthermore, they will have to pay extra fees to have these plastic IDs and vouchers for rush printing. However, because of the availability of plastic printers in the market today, many schools are now doing their own plastic printing.

For them, it is a good investment. Language schools do not have to wait for a long time to have their IDs and vouchers printed. They also do not have to pay an extra amount every year to have IDs renewed and processed. Thus, they can save time and effort from going back and forth from the school to the printing companies. They can also re-print their own IDs in case of lost ones, wrong information and expired IDs.

Another perk of having your own plastic printers is that you can work on it at the right pace. Gift vouchers are often used to attract students to take classes in language schools. Hiring a printing company to work on your printing needs would require a lot of planning. For school staff, this can be really stressful. They will have to look for a printing company that can do this in advance.

But if you have a plastic printer in your school premises, your job will be cut in half. You do not have to rush. You can focus on the designs and motifs for the gift vouchers. You also do not have to hire extra people to do the printing. You can recycle several old vouchers or create new ones. If you ever run out of these gift vouchers, you do not have to call the printing company for reprints but rather you can reprint as many as you can without waiting for anyone else.

The printing industry has been evolving throughout the years. The availability of these printers has allowed many sectors to design their own products. They are no longer limited to one industry but rather it is now widely used by everyone.

If you happen to be running a language school, it is best that you invest in one. Having plastic printers can make things easier for you. It can save you time, money, and effort. Aside from that, you do not have to stress yourself out in finding the best plastic printing company for you.

Learning a Language: Spanish vs. German

CBD Terminologies

Learning a new language is challenging, especially since you will have to rewire your brain to do so. Spanish and German are two of the most common languages students want to learn. Though they have some similarities, there are also quite a lot of differences.


Spanish is a lot more similar to the English language. More words will seem familiar. Therefore, it may be easier to learn german because of its vocabulary. German language tends to have longer words, though they are practically just a set of words put together. You can break them down to be able to understand them.


Spanish grammar is quite similar to English. They follow the same word order: Subject – Verb- Object. However, it's true that Spanish gives you more flexibility when writing sentences. With German, you can't simply translate the language to English. Though simple clauses can be written in the same order, German rearranges them to emphasize something other than the subject.


German and Spanish more or less use the same alphabet as English. Learning how to write them will not pose much problem. However, if we are to make a decision, it will be more challenging to write in German as it uses long words and strict grammar rules.


Pronunciation is another thing. In Spanish, how words are spelled is usually how they are pronounced. Pronunciation in German is a bit more challenging to learn. Though both Spanish and German use word genders, German has a lot more articles. This can be seen when your sign up for a language school melbourne. On another hand, tenses tend to be more complex with Spanish.


Learning a language is generally challenging. However, there are those that are easier compared to others. Spanish, for instance, will be quicker to learn than German. However, don't let that discourage you. As long as you have determination, you can learn whatever language you set your heart to.